Why you should read: Berserk

Right off the bat Berserk has a lot of similarities to the very popular Game of Thrones. Both are brutal fantasy series with anti-hero protagonists.  Fans often have similar complaints that the authors(Kentaro Miura and George R.R. Martin) are not getting the content out there fast enough. There are often hiatuses during serialization, but in all honesty you gotta give the guy a break when he produces art like this.

Guts stands off against Zodd

Berserk has been published since 1989 in Japan often on an irregular schedule. It is published in the magazine Young Animal which is basically Playboy mixed with comics. Berserk has also been adapted into anime and video game form, with mixed results. I would say the 90’s anime is the closest to a true adaptation and that does not come close to covering a majority of the written material.

The Plot

Berserk revolves around the exploits of the mercenary Guts who I would say hasn’t had the best of lives. He was born from a women who was hanged and was adopted by a man who sold him into prostitution at an early age. After escaping his life of abuse, he joins the mercenary group The Band of the Hawk.

After a certain betrayal Guts heads off to fight the Apostles, who are demon followers of the demonic God Hand. The God Hand are basically the deities of the Berserk world.

It becomes a personal fight for Guts, who has seen many comrades lose their lives to these villains.

The Art

If there is one thing that Berserk is known for besides its copious blood and gore, is the amazing art produced by Kentaro Miura. He is an amazing artist in my opinion, and it is possibly one of the reasons he is not able to put out chapters at a faster pace. If you are interested in art at all, you should definitely check the series out.

berserk artBerserk is collected in 37 volumes currently and available at most bookstores.

Why you should read: Berserk